SBI FASTag: The Cost-Effective Toll Solution For SBI Customers

FASTag has been reuniting India in the context of toll charges. Well! The good news is that the SBI account holders can take advantage of acquiring SBI FASTag login and tag. Yes! You can now count on the nearest branch of State Bank of India in your area to signup for a FASTag.

Without a doubt, you would need to hurry to get one because this tag has become mandatory for use in India for making toll payments. Do you know what FASTag is? If no! Let’s move to the SBI Fastag introduction.

What is SBI Fastag?

Fastag is an e-toll payment card or a stickable tag that must be installed at your windscreen of the vehicle for you to pass through any toll plaza in India.

Earlier, you need to pay toll charges in cash for which you had to put some spare coins and notes every time you travel in your car or bike or using any other vehicle.

Besides, FASTag has also become a source of avoiding long lines of vehicles at the toll plazas. Yes! In India for some centuries, the traffic had been unavoidable when it comes to toll plazas. Yet, today we can all agree that online payments through wallets have made our lives much easier.

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SBI or State Bank of India is one of the banking institutions that has been authorized by the Government of India to distribute and allot fastag to the Indian citizens. To the readers’ surprise, you do not need to be an existing customer of SBI to submit an application or apply for an SBI Fastag.

That’s correct! You can visit any branch of SBI in your local area, town, city or state of India to get an SBI authorized tag with the help of an SBI Fastag agent. Let’s find out how.

How does FASTag work?

FASTag is a thin and stickable device that employs Radio frequency identification technology (RFID) for making electronic payments at the toll plazas.

One of the amazing parts of this technology is that there is no need for the driver of the vehicle to stop at the toll plaza for making payment.

At the toll plazas roof, the commuter has installed in the very middle. Thus, when a vehicle passes through a toll plaza, the commuter connects with FASTag and catches radio frequency, this frequency allows the tag to pay for the toll charges from the linked bank account.

It is a prepaid tag. It is noteworthy to note that FASTag requires to recharge in order to make payments. It is not a free paying card or tag for electronic payment of toll plazas.

How to apply for an SBI Fastag online?

You can apply for an SBI Fastag online by following the given below steps.

Step 1: Go to SBI official website for the FASTag portal, you can use this followed up link

Step 2: Click on ‘Request for a Tag’ option that would appear on the homepage of the FASTag portal.

Step 3: Once you request for a tag, the screen would display an application form that you need to fill.

Step 4: At first, the form demands basic details like first name, last name, date of birth, and address. Along with this, you would also need to upload address proof.

Step 5: Ensure address proof is corresponding to the address that has been used for the registration of your vehicle.

Step 6: For address proof, you can use a passport, voter ID, Aadhaar card, and ration card. It is important to note that the Pan card would not be accepted as an address proof.

Step 7: The form would also demand vehicle information. You must choose between individual or corporate tag.

Step 8: Individual Tag is a fastag that is allotted for vehicles for personal use. On the other hand, corporate fastag is a tag that is allotted to vehicles for commercial use.

Step 9: For individual SBI Fastag, you need to fill out information like vehicle number, address proof, driver’s license and registration certificate of the vehicle. 

Step 10: In case of corporate SBI Fastag, you need to fill out information such as all business partner’s names, all individuals who make use of commercial vehicles, their driver’s license, Voter’s ID, aadhaar card or their other address proofs. 

Step 11: In the case of corporate SBI Fastag, you also need to link the tag with a corporate banking account and corporate email ID and mobile number for receiving user ID and password.

Step 12: After filling all the demanded information in the SBI Fastag application form, you would also have to choose between self-top up and auto-top up.

Step 13: Self-top up allows you to set rules regarding a certain balance anytime. On the other hand, Auto-top up notifies you regarding set rules when you reach a certain balance in a day or month.

Step 14: Click on the submit button at the bottom. Before you submit the application, make sure all the information that you have added is true and best to your knowledge.

Step 15: Once you submit a FASTag application, you would receive a text message and email from SBI confirming your application and status from time-to-time.

What is SBI FASTag login?

State Bank of India allows the FASTag user to login to the personal FASTag account. This account is equivalent to any other wallet in the context of the interface. You can log in to your SBI Fastag account anytime and anywhere. Click here to login. 

SBI Fastag login account helps the user to manage his personal details, recharge fastag, connect with SBI customer care services and more. 

What are the uses of the SBI Fastag login account?

SBI Fastag login account requires a unique and set username and password for any person to login to the account. This username is called the User ID that you receive in the email when your fastag application approves.

The following are the different uses of the SBI Fastag login account that undoubtedly makes traveling much easier for the users. Let’s take a glimpse:

  • Manage personal details: Nothing works better than an official account with all personal details maintained. SBI Fastag allows users to log in to their personal accounts and personal details. 
  • SBI Fastag customer login account has discovered to deliver one of the greatest advantages of all times. That’s correct! If you have applied for FASTag online for the commercial vehicle, you can find out the toll expenditure throughout the month in an excel format. It helps to manage traveling business expenses. 
  • SBI FASTag KYC allows you to prevent your toll account from cyber mishappening. KYC documents as an ID proof allow the user to recover SBI Fastag account any time. 
  • You can keep the track of all the toll charges that have been made in the past weeks and months. Alongside this, you can also download this information in excel format and attach it for expenditure purposes.
  • SBI Fastag customer care remains available when you log in to SBI Fastag. You can download FASTag mobile application. You can find SBI Fastag customer care number on the SBI Fastag homepage.
  • You can recharge your SBI Fastag once you login to the Fastag. You can use any SBI debit card, credit card, net banking, or PayTm wallet for recharge. 

NOTE: From SBI FASTag login to SBI FASTag recharge, the process is very convenient. All you need is your user ID and password.

How to login to SBI FASTag?

Follow the given below stepwise instructions to login to SBI FASTag account:

Step 1: Go to the SBI Fastag portal.

Step 2: Enter User ID or Wallet ID in the username block.

Step 3: User ID is a 12-digit code that you have received in your email inbox by the SBI Fastag agent.

Step 4: Wallet ID is a 14-digit code that you have received on your mobile number by the SBI Fastag agent.

Step 5: Enter the password in the next block. 

Step 6: Click on Sign in. You have logged in to your SBI Fastag login account.

What is the SBI FASTag customer care number?

SBI Fastag customer care number is 1800-11-0018, it is a toll-free number. You can also email to and also CC email to

SBI FASTag KYC Guidelines

  • There are two types of FASTag account holders for State Bank of India. These are Limited KYC FASTag account holder and Full KYC Fastag account holder.
  • For a limited KYC Fastag account, the user cannot hold more than 10,000 INR recharge in his FASTag card. Apart from this, fastag user limit is also only 10, 000. Thus, the traveler cannot pass through the toll plazas if he has already met the limitation, i.e.., 10, 000. 
  • For the full KYC Fastag account, the user can optimize the card for making unlimited toll payments throughout the month.

What are SBI Fastag installation charges for different types of vehicles?

  • SBI charges 100 INR for FASTag installation for all types of vehicles.
  • For mini light commercial vehicles, SBI charges 200 INR for security deposit and 100 INR for recharge. This mini light commercial vehicle category includes Car, van, jeep, and Tata Ace.
  • For light commercial vehicles, SBI charges 300 INR as a refundable security deposit. Also, it gives a minimum balance of 140 INR in the FASTag account.
  • For three Axle commercial vehicles, SBI charges 400 INR as a refundable security deposit. Also, it gives a minimum balance of 300 INR in the FASTag account.
  • For heavy vehicles like Bus and truck and for 7 and over 7 axle commercial vehicles, and for Heavy construction machines and earth moving equipment, SBI charges 400 INR as a refundable security deposit. Alongside this, it initiates a minimum balance of 300 INR in a fastag account.


FASTag login account for SBI works best for the users of India. Whether you are already associated with State Bank of India or not, you can still acquire an SBI Fastag.

This tag remains very helpful when you are traveling from one place to another. You can visit any branch of State Bank of India near your local area. Apart from this, you can purchase or apply for an SBI FASTag online. 

“Experience the best and first-ever E-toll technology in India, go for a smooth ride and you will know!”

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