How To Get FASTag From ICICI Bank

Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India, i.e.., ICICI Bank has been extending its financial card entities to ICICI FASTag. Yes! If you are a customer of ICICI financial banking institution, you can connect with your nearest branch for purchasing a FASTag.

Do not know what FASTag is? Well! For starters, from 1st December 2019, the use of FASTag has been announced as mandatory in India.

Indeed, for every vehicle large or small that passes through any toll plaza requires this tag. In the absence of a FASTag, you would find it quite difficult and not to mention nearly impossible to travel from one place or one route to another. Let’s take an introduction.

Introduction To FASTag

FASTag is a source of an electronic collection of toll payments in India. That’s correct. In India, now you do not need any cash or coins spare to pay at the numerous toll plazas that come in your way.

It would take quite a time for the citizens of India to become comfortable with the use of FASTag. There are many factors to learn akin to how to recharge a fastag, how to get a fastag, where to get a fastag, what are the banks authorized for fastag distribution/allotting and more. 

ICICI Bank is one of the banking institutions that participated in the trading of FASTag all over the world. ICICI FASTag is only acquirable from the nearby ICICI branch in your area.

It is important to note that every vehicle is registered for one FASTag. Passing the ownership of FASTag is a subject of concern for later. At this moment, it is important that if you have a vehicle, an ICICI FASTag has been installed on its windscreen.

How To Get An ICICI FASTag Online?

To get ICICI FASTag, follow the given below steps/instructions:

  • Step 1: Go to ICICI Fastag Registration, click here to visit.
  • Step 2: On this registration portal, fill the personal details as demanded. This personal details section includes first name, last name, gender, date of birth, mobile number (OTP), email ID, type of ID Proof and ID Proof number.
  • Step 3: Types of ID Proof that are acceptable on the ICICI bank official website are driving license, voter ID card, passport, and Pan Card. 
  • Step 4: It is noteworthy to mention that you would require to upload a scanned copy of ID proof if you are applying for ICICI Bank FASTag online.
  • Step 5: Upload scanned copy of ID proof.
  • Step 6: Select continue.
  • Step 7: In the next portal page, you would require to add permanent address details. 
  • Step 8: It is important to note that you must add the address that has been used for the registration of the vehicle while purchasing.
  • Step 9: Fill in the details in the context of the vehicle.
  • Step 10: Select the type of vehicle, whether it is personal or commercial.
  • Step 11: If it is a commercial vehicle, the portal would demand the company’s information in place of personal information.
  • Step 12: For a company in partnership, all the partners’ details would be demanded.
  • Step 13: Select continue.
  • Step 14: On the confirmation portal, you agree that all the filled information is true and best to your knowledge.
  • Step 15: Once you agree to all terms and conditions, you would require to make the payment.
  • Step 16: You can use a debit card, credit card, net banking, and wallets to make the payment. It is best to use ICICI Bank debit or credit card if you are an existing customer.
  • Step 17: Your FASTag would reach your doorsteps by an executive from the bank or postal services.
  • Step 18: On the receival of FASTag, install the tag on the windscreen of the vehicle. You must install it in the center of the windscreen.
  • Step 19: Call a professional FASTag installer or visit a nearby transport hub to get it installed. 

How To Get ICICI Fastag Offline?

Do you not have access to the internet? Do not worry! You can purchase a fastag offline for your vehicle. Follow the instructions.

  • Step 1: Visit the nearest ICICI Bank branch in your area.
  • Step 2: Fill Fastag registration form. It requires to fill personal details, address details, and vehicle details. 
  • Step 3: Attach documents like a scanned copy of ID proof in case of Individual Fastag registration.
  • Step 4: In the case of commercial Vehicles, submit documents like a scanned copy of ID proofs of all the partners in business who come into using the vehicle.
  • Step 5: Attach address proof. It is recommendable to use an address that has been used during the vehicle purchase.
  • Step 6: Pay the installation costs. It would not be more than 500 INR. 100 INR for recharge, 200 INR for threshold and 250 INR for a security deposit that remains refundable.
  • Step 7: You have registered for a Fastag. It would be sent to you through Indian postal services. 

What Is ICICI FASTag Login?

One of the amazing perks of new technologies is convenience. Today, we are going to introduce you to another convenience that comes into serving if you apply for ICICI Fastag.

It is the ICICI Bank Fastag login. Logging in fastag account is logging into any other bank account, wallet account or online payment account. Indeed, for logging in to your ICICI Fastag account, you can download Fastag mobile application. Apart from this, you can also use https://www.icicibank.com/Personal-Banking/cards/prepaid/fastag/index.page this link. 

  • ICICI Bank FASTag Customer login allows you to manage your online fastag account. But, there are other boons of using ICICI for your FASTag services, these benefits are:
  • If you have not mentioned optional details while applying for your FASTag, you can use this personal fastag login account and manage to put more details into the account. All details present in Fastag ICICI Bank account helps to recover the account from any cyber mishappening.
  • Do you want to find out your accurate traveling expenses including toll charges? Do not worry! Just visit ICICI Bank Fastag customer login and login to your account. In the history section, you can count down all the toll transactions that have been made in the past days, weeks, and months. 
  • Apart from this, ICICI also allows its fastag users to download this expenditure information in the excel format. This feature is proved extremely helpful in the case of commercial vehicles.
  • Do you want to connect with customer service on an instant basis? Yes! You can do that by using ICICI Fastag customer care number that you can find out in the help section when you log in. Connectivity to a helping agent is very easy.
  • Last but not least, by login into your ICICI Fastag account, you can recharge your tag anytime and anywhere. Unlike any other wallet, you can use FASTag mobile application itself to recharge your fastag. 
  • To recharge a FASTag, there are multiple options. As mentioned earlier, You can use your ICICI Bank debit card, credit card, net banking, wallets like PayTm and more.

How To Perform ICICI Fastag Login?

ICICI Fastag is a prepaid tag or e-toll payment card. You can link your card and control its functions by login into the ICICI Fastag account. Here’s a guide to login.

  • Step 1: Purchase ICICI Fastag from ICICI Bank.
  • Step 2: After the purchase, you will receive a user ID or wallet ID in your email inbox. Hence, always register using an accessible email ID.
  • Step 3: If you do not have access to your email ID, you can request to receive the user ID on your mobile number.
  • Step 4: Go to ICICI Bank Fastag login, click here.
  • Step 5: Click on the Customer login option. 
  • Step 6: Disclaimer would appear on the screen. Click on the “click to proceed” option once you read the disclaimer.
  • Step 7: ICICI Bank Fastag Home login page will open on the screen.
  • Step 8: Find “Register” and “Login” options in the right corner of the portal.
  • Step 9: Move the cursor to the “Login” option and fill the required details in the given boxes.
  • Step 10: In place of a username, you can use the User ID that you have received in the email or send it at mobile number. It is a 12-digits code.
  • Step 11: If you do not have a User ID, you can use a wallet ID that is a 14 digit code.
  • Step 12: Enter a unique password. 
  • Step 13: You are logged into your FASTag ICICI Bank account.


Indian is developing into a Digital country. For the citizens of India, Fastag is a source that rewards jam-free roads, smooth ridings, and better traffic management in India.

The benefits of Fastag are growing and people are excited to experience a new world where during the journey there are no lines of vehicles ahead of vehicles at the toll plazas.

From December 1st, 2019, the Government of India has mandated the use of FASTags. It is a push towards the digital world where the sources of convenience are 100% appreciated.

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