Frequently Asked Questions

How To Apply For FASTag?

One can apply for the FASTag online or offline.

Apply FASTag Offline

For offline application, the vehicle owner can visit the Point of Sale (POS) location of any Toll Plazas or bank branches that are authorized to offer the FASTag offline. 

Apply FASTag Online

Other than this, there is another convenient way of applying FASTag online. 

One can apply for FASTag online via banks by logging into internet banking or through PayTM. 

To apply for the FASTag through either of the online methods, the person needs to submit the KYC details (Aadhaar Card and PAN Card) and the Registration Certificate of the vehicle (RC). 

On successful submission and validation of the document, the FASTag gets activated and one can recharge the FASTag or add money to their mobile wallet from which the money gets debited whenever the vehicle crosses the toll. 

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How To Recharge FASTag Online?

Recharging FASTag is easy and can be done through various modes:

  1. RTGS/NEFT (through mobile banking)
  2. UPI 
  3. ETC Portal (by logging in the FASTag wallet)
  4. Auto debit from the bank account (By linking FASTag with the corresponding bank)

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How To Use FASTag?

FASTag is the RFID enables a device that is useful for making the electronic payments at the toll. Thus, it helps in saving time, energy and fuel.  

The vehicle owner can use the FASTag to deduct the toll tax on passing through the toll plaza. 

To use the FASTag, one needs to avail the tag either online (through the website of the authorized banks) or offline (POS of the Toll Plaza of the NH). 

After availing it one can activate it online or by visiting the nearest bank branch. 

On activation, recharge the FASTag Wallet or the mobile wallet from which the amount is deducted automatically every time you cross the toll. 

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How To Get FASTag Online?

FASTag offers the best solution and helps people to enjoy the hassle-free trip. Presently, operating in the 407 toll plazas here is the way to get it online.

Applying for FASTag Online Via Banks

  • Visit the official website of the bank like SBI, ICICI, and HDFC, etc who are authorized to sell the FASTags. 
  • Click on the link ‘Get Fastag’ or ‘Apply for FASTag’ on the website. 
  • Enter the mobile number.
  • An OTP will be sent to your mobile number, enter the OTP and click on the SUBMIT button.
  • Now enter your details like name, address, email id, vehicle details like type, registration number)
  • Upload the essential documents (scanned copy of RC).
  • Review the application form.
  • Submit it.
  • On submission, you will be redirected to the online payment gateway.
  • Submit the registration fees online
  • Save the payment receipt and take its print out for future reference.

Applying for FASTag Through PAYTM

  • Visit the official website of the PayTM.
  • On the home page click on the ‘More’ button listed along with other services on the horizontal bar. 
  • On the drop-down menu click on ‘FASTag’ and directs towards the ‘PayTM FASTag’ page.
  • Enter your vehicle registration number.
  • Upload the front and back photo of your RC and make sure that the size of the photo is not more than 2MB.
  • Click on the option ‘Buy for Rs.500’ 
  • Now sign in to your PayTM account and add money to your PayTM wallet.
  • On successful verification of your documents the PayTM, FASTag will be issued and the tag will be delivered to your address. 

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How FASTag Works?

FASTag is a passive tag that helps the vehicle owners to make the toll payment directly thus preventing the user to stand in the long queue thus saving their time. 

Here is the description of how the FASTag works:

  • As the vehicle passes through the Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) lane of the Toll Plaza, the FASTag details like Tag ID, Vehicle Class, TID, etc will be captured and send to the corresponding registered bank for processing. 
  • The bank then sends the request to the National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) mapper to validate the details of the tag.
  • On validation, NETC mapper will respond with the details like Tag Status, Vehicle class, VRN, etc. In case, the Tag ID is not present in the NETC mapper it will be responded as the unregistered Tag ID.
  • The vehicle host will calculate the toll fare and initiate the request to debit the calculated amount to the NETC system after validation.
  • NETC switch the debit request to the respective bank that issued the FASTag to place the request to debit the amount from the customer account or wallet. 
  • The issuer host debits the account of the tag holder and sends the alert to the holder about the debit through SMS. Also, the issuer bank will send the response message to the NETC system. If the response is not within the defined TAT, the transaction will be considered to be Deemed Accepted. 
  • NETC will then send the notification of response to the acquirer host.
  • At last, the acquirer host will notify the respective toll plaza system. 

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How To Activate FASTag?

FASTag is offered by the 22 different banks and can be bought either through the POS terminal of the toll plaza of the National Highway or from any bank branch. One can also buy it from an e-commerce platform like Amazon or a mobile wallet like PayTM.

To activate the FASTag one needs to submit the KYC documents (Aadhar Card and PAN Card) and Registration Certificate (RC) of the vehicle along with the FASTag application. After meeting the general requirements here are different ways to activate your FASTag account:

Self Activation: When you purchase a FASTag from a POS terminal it will be provided to you in an inactivated form. If you are purchasing the FASTag from the online platform then you need self-activate it. One can self-activate the FASTag by following the concept of DIY (Do-it-Yourself).  

For self-activation of the FASTag, one needs to enter the vehicle details under the option ‘My FASTag’ mobile app (available on Google Play Store and App Store). Then, link the FASTag with the existing bank account using the app. You can add money to the prepaid wallet of the FASTag app. When you cross the toll the amount will be deducted from the wallet instead of the bank.  

Activation of FASTag by Visiting the Bank Branch: You can buy the FASTag offline from any of the certified bank branches and get your FASTag linked with your bank account.  

For more details about the FASTag and its activation, you can contact the customer care executive of the issuing bank. 

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How To Buy FASTag?

FASTag is the initiative taken by the NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India) that enables the vehicle users to pay their toll easily. FASTag is issued by the 22 certified banks via different channels like Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal at any National Highway toll plazas or from any of the enlisted bank branches. Also, one can buy the FASTag from the e-commerce platform like Amazon and other mobile wallets like PayTM. 

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How To Check FASTag Balance?

After recharging and using the amount from the FASTag account, one can check the balance by visiting the website or the mobile app of the issuer agency. Also, the issuer agency alerts the customer about the balance by sending them the SMS on the registered mobile number.

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What is FASTag?

FASTag is the simple, reloadable tag that makes use of the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) that helps the vehicle used to make the automatic payment at the toll. The FASTag account is the prepaid account linked to the bank or UPI from which the amount is deducted automatically as the vehicle crosses the toll.

FASTag is the tag that is affixed on the widescreen of the vehicle and enables the user to drive through the toll plaza without stopping or waiting for their turn to make cash transactions.

FASTag is the program that is a part of the National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) initiatives that is operated by the NPCI as per the guidelines of the NHAI and IHMCL.

The tag provides the perfect solution for the hassle-free trips on the National Highways. 

Currently, it is operative at 420+ toll plazas across the nation.

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How To Get FASTag?

FASTag, the reloadable tag that deduct the toll of the vehicle automatically. One can buy the FASTag from the Toll Plaza or the e-commerce website or through any of the authorized banks like Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, and ICICI bank or PayTM.

Here is the complete description of how to get the FASTag.

  1. Point of Sale: One can obtain a tag from any toll plaza or the issuer agencies i.e. banks. Some bank provides the form online which is filled by interested users. After filling the form and submission of the same, the customer can visit the branch to fill the required details and to submit the documents required for FASTag.
  2. Documents: For FASTag registration and activation, the following documents are required
  • Certificate (RC) of the vehicle.
  • size photo of the vehicle owner.
  • proof and Address Proof of the owner.
  1. Charges: One-time joining fee of Rs.200 is charged by the issuer agency. Other than this, the refundable deposit depending upon the vehicle type is to be paid while issuing the FASTag This refundable amount is refunded at the time of closure of the FASTag account.
  2. Recharge: One can recharge their FASTag account online via different methods like internet banking, UPI, ETC portal.

*Do carry the original documents at the time of applying FASTag.

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How To Recharge FASTag?

To recharge FASTag one needs to create the FASTag account or wallet. This will activate the sticker.

You can easily recharge it online by uploading a copy of your RC. The tag will then be delivered to your doorstep. There are different ways to recharge FASTag.

  • Through NEFT/RTGS
  • Visit to internet banking or the mobile app of your respective bank.
  • Enter your FASTag wallet id number or vehicle number to add the vehicle as a beneficiary.
  • Key it in your bank IFSC’s code.
  • After adding the beneficiary, one can recharge their FASTag repeatedly.
  • Using UPI
  • Also, you can recharge your FASTag using UPI payment mode by following the step as below:
  • Enter <10 digits vehicle number>@name of the bank.

*If your vehicle is too old and has vehicle number is less than 10 digits then this method is not applicable to recharge your FASTag.

*The method is not useful if the registration number is not updated with the FASTag issued by dealers

  • Through ETC Portal
  • To recharge FASTag through this method, you need to login to the FASTag wallet on the portal for eg. by entering your user ID or password.

On login, click on the on the Road User Center then to Payment and Top Up then Recharge.

The user can add money to the wallet with your debit or credit card or through internet banking or UPI.

  • Auto Debit From Bank Account
  • It is the most convenient method to recharge your FASTag. The user can give the standing instruction to their respective bank that offer FASTag services to debit the money directly from their bank account automatically. 
  • The debit of account and the recharge is confirmed by the mail sent to the registered email address of the user.

*For those who are having more than one car, the user can link the FASTag for each car in one single wallet that gets auto-debited from the account as per the threshold limit set by the user.

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