How To Recharge FASTag?

To recharge FASTag one needs to create the FASTag account or wallet. This will activate the sticker.

You can easily recharge it online by uploading a copy of your RC. The tag will then be delivered to your doorstep. There are different ways to recharge FASTag.

  • Through NEFT/RTGS
  • Visit to internet banking or the mobile app of your respective bank.
  • Enter your FASTag wallet id number or vehicle number to add the vehicle as a beneficiary.
  • Key it in your bank IFSC’s code.
  • After adding the beneficiary, one can recharge their FASTag repeatedly.
  • Using UPI
  • Also, you can recharge your FASTag using UPI payment mode by following the step as below:
  • Enter <10 digits vehicle number>@name of the bank.

*If your vehicle is too old and has vehicle number is less than 10 digits then this method is not applicable to recharge your FASTag.

*The method is not useful if the registration number is not updated with the FASTag issued by dealers

  • Through ETC Portal
  • To recharge FASTag through this method, you need to login to the FASTag wallet on the portal for eg. by entering your user ID or password.

On login, click on the on the Road User Center then to Payment and Top Up then Recharge.

The user can add money to the wallet with your debit or credit card or through internet banking or UPI.

  • Auto Debit From Bank Account
  • It is the most convenient method to recharge your FASTag. The user can give the standing instruction to their respective bank that offer FASTag services to debit the money directly from their bank account automatically. 
  • The debit of account and the recharge is confirmed by the mail sent to the registered email address of the user.

*For those who are having more than one car, the user can link the FASTag for each car in one single wallet that gets auto-debited from the account as per the threshold limit set by the user.