About Us

Our Approach

FASTag Info promotes the major motive of launching FASTag in India. On the roads of Indian states, cities, and towns, lines of the vehicle ahead of more lines of vehicles had become a complication. Without a doubt, it was about time for the Indian government authorities to take some action and bring the best strategy into the country. Well! FASTag remains the best solution. At FASTag Info, our chief focus remains the awareness of the use of FASTag. 

At this platform, our visitors from all over the country would learn the basic headways that are required to make optimum utilization of a FASTag. The use of FASTag for paying tolls in India have become mandatory. This real-time change would bring the potential traffic jams down on the toll plazas. Yet, there are other things to learn about FASTag, these things are akin to:

  • How to get a FASTag?
  • How to install a FASTag?
  • How to recharge a FASTag?

And more! 

Our Story

FASTag Info is a leading informational platform for the citizens of India. This platform focuses on the maneuvers related to FASTag that have recently been mandatory in India. As per the law & order, a FASTag must be installed at every vehicle to pass through a toll plaza. It would take time for the readers to understand the use of a FASTag and fit into the newly formed Digital country. This platform encourages such readers and helps them to understand the utilization of a FASTag.

Benefits of FASTag

  • Fastag allows you to travel on traffic-free roads
  • By using Fastag, you do not need to stop your vehicle in the middle of nowhere among the crowd of vehicles.
  • No need to face the trouble of spare changes for paying toll charges. Fastag pays it for you.
  • Experience the digital world where you can pay toll charges by recharging your FASTag online.
  • Better traffic management.
  • FASTag helps to avoid unnecessary barriers in your journey.


FASTag Info is an informational platform. All the information given on this platform is well-researched and best to our knowledge. We at this platform do not any guarantee regarding the changes in policy at the Government’s end. We do not hold liable for any misuse of information provided on our website. The information given on the website is for legal purposes only. We at FASTag Info recommend our visitors to contact the nearest government authorized banking branch to get a FASTag or use recommendable wallets like PayTm. Purchase online at your own risk.